Hi and welcome to A Chance to say Thanks an opportunity to show appreciation an opportunity to say thankyou  To the person who dedicates her heart and soul to inspiring men and woman, Owner of Polercise Wa and of course The Southwest Australian Pole comp Tracey Eccelstone and her husband Jason Eccelstone, friends family students , competitors , all comp staff we need your support . 

This year we would like your help to surprise them  , with a gift , of thanks at the SWA pole competion , a way to show her what she means to each and everyone one of us , for her unwavering support and encouragment , throughout the year and comp time especially , She has the biggest giving heart , and her zest for life is infectious  her unwavering  passion and drive for  all things aerial & fitness ,and her mentorship is only a few of many.

 We have indeed not got time on our hands and its going to take a huge amount of help, generosity and discreetness to pull this off  but with all your help i have hope we can do it , and in time to present it to her on show day the 15th may 2015 , 

What is your deposit a gift helping  towards, 

A chance to present them both with this gift to be able to use it for a purchase of something they desire , thats meaningful to them both ,

polercise wa car plates has been suggested 

A camera especially for the studio 

A weekend away after the show to be pampered

lets surprise them and let them choose

All monies gifted are only able to be redeemed by Tracey herself , this was to ensure that everyone was given a complete  gaurentee that the  gifts would reach the person that they are intended for .

Please pass this link on privately via email , txt private facebook to ensure she does not find out.


  If you would like a message included in a photo card book to also be presented  , please send Marie a picture of your message in your handwriting signed by you to 0419965254,or email- threadawaybunbury@gmail.com personal messages photos, lymerics , pictures anything at all  we will add these to a card book for her and jason to receive with your personal messages  asap 

 Please dont let the cat out of the bag , there is no obligation, if you require any more information please use the contact details supplied  thank you all 


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